"All I Have To Do Is Dream" (Roy Orbison / Everly Brothers)
"Almost Eighteen" (Roy Orbison)
"Belinda" (Roy Orbison)
"Blue Angel" (Roy Orbison)
"Blue Bayou" (Roy Orbison)
"Blue Rain" (Roy Orbison)
"Born On The Wind" (Roy Orbison)
"Born To Be Loved By You" (Roy Orbison)
"Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart" (Roy Orbison)
"Communication Breakdown" (Roy Orbison)
"Crawling Back" (Roy Orbison)
"Cry Softly Lonely One" (Roy Orbison)
"Crying" (Roy Orbison)
"Distant Drums" (Roy Orbison)
"Dream Baby" (Roy Orbison)
"Drifting Away" (Roy Orbison)
"Easy Way Out" (Roy Orbison)
"End Of The Line" (Roy Orbison)
"Falling" (Roy Orbison)
"Goodnight" (Roy Orbison)
"Handle Me With Care" (Roy Orbison & Traveling Wilburys)
"Heartache" (Roy Orbison)
"Heartache 1974" (Roy Orbison)
"Heartbreak Radio" (Roy Orbison)
"Hung Up On You" (Roy Orbison)
"I Can't Stop Loving You" (Roy Orbison)

"I Drove All Night" (Roy Orbison)
"I'm Hurtin" (Roy Orbison)
"In Dreams" (Roy Orbison)
"It's Lonely" (Roy Orbison)
"It's Over" (Roy Orbison)
"Lana" (Roy Orbison)
"Love Me Like You Did Last Night" (Roy Orbison)
"Memphis Tennessee" (Roy Orbison)
"Only The Lonely" (Roy Orbison)
"Paper Boy" (Roy Orbison)
"Poor Baby" (Roy Orbison)
"Pretty Woman" (Roy Orbison)
"Remember The Good" (Roy Orbison)
"Running Scared" (Roy Orbison)
"(Say) You're My Girl" (Roy Orbison)
"Seems To Me" (Roy Orbison)
"She" (Roy Orbison)
"She Cheats On Me" (Roy Orbison)
"She's A Mystery To Me" (Roy Orbison)
"So Good" (Roy Orbison)
"Sweet And Easy To Love" (Roy Orbison)
"That Loving You Feeling Again" (Roy Orbison)
"The Crowd" (Roy Orbison)
"Too Soon To Know" (Roy Orbison)
"Trying To Get To You" (Roy Orbison)
"Twinkle Toes" (Roy Orbison)
"Wild Hearts" (Roy Orbison)
"You Got It" (Roy Orbison)