"After Tonight" (Mariah Carey)
"All In Your Mind" (Mariah Carey)
"All I Ever Wanted" (Mariah Carey)
"All My Life" (Mariah Carey)
"Always Be My Baby" (Mariah Carey)
"And You Don't Remember" (Mariah Carey)
"Anytime You Need A Friend" (Mariah Carey)
"Butterfly" (Mariah Carey)
"Bye Bye" (Mariah Carey)
"Cant Let Go" (Mariah Carey)
"Dream Lover" (Mariah Carey)
"Emotions" (Mariah Carey)
"Fantasy" (Mariah Carey)
"Forever" (Mariah Carey)

"Hero" (Mariah Carey)
"I Don't Wanna Cry" (Mariah Carey)
"If It's Over" (Mariah Carey)
"I'll Be There" (Mariah Carey)
"I've Been Thinking About You" (Mariah Carey)
"Just To Hold You Once Again" (Mariah Carey)
"Lead The Way" (Mariah Carey)
"Long Ago" (Mariah Carey)
"Love Takes Time" (Mariah Carey)
"Melt Away" (Mariah Carey)
"My All" (Mariah Carey)
"Never Forget You" (Mariah Carey)
"Never Too Far" (Mariah Carey)
"Now That I Know" (Mariah Carey)
"One Sweet Day" (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)

"Sent From Above" (Mariah Carey)
"So Blessed" (Mariah Carey)
"Someday" (Mariah Carey)
"Thank God I Found You" (Mariah Carey & 98 Degrees)
"The Roof" (Mariah Carey)
"Through The Rain" (Mariah Carey)
"Till The End Of Time" (Mariah Carey)
"Underneath The Stars" (Mariah Carey)
"Vanishing" (Mariah Carey)
"Vision of Love" (Mariah Carey)
"We Belong Together" (Mariah Carey)
"When I Saw You" (Mariah Carey)
"When You Believe" (Mariah Carey)
"Whenever You Call" (Mariah Carey)
"Without You" (Neilson/Mariah Carey / Air Supply)
"You Need Me" (Mariah Carey)
"You're So Cold" (Mariah Carey)
"Yours" (Mariah Carey)