"Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" (Barry Manilow)
"Beautiful Music" (Barry Manilow)
"Bermuda Triangle" (Barry Manilow)
"Brooklyn Blues" (Barry Manilow)
"Can't Smile Without You" (Barry Manilow)
"Copacabanna" (Barry Manilow)
"Could It Be Magic?" (Barry Manilow)
"Daybreak" (Barry Manilow)
"Even Now" (Barry Manilow)
"He Doesn't Care, But I Do" (Barry Manilow)
"I Don't Want to Walk Without You" (Barry Manilow)
"I Made It Through The Rain" (Barry Manilow)
"I Write The Songs" (Barry Manilow)
"If I Should Love Again" (Barry Manilow)
"I'm Your Man" (Barry Manilow)
"In Search Of Love" (Barry Manilow)
"It's A Miracle" (Barry Manilow)
"It's Just Another New Years Eve" (Barry Manilow)
"Keep Each Other Warm" (Barry Manilow)
"Let Me Be Your Wings" (Barry Manilow)
"Let's Hang On" (The Four Seasons / Barry Manilow)
"Lonely Together" (Barry Manilow)
"Looks Like We Made It" (Barry Manilow)
"Mandy" (Barry Manilow)
"Oh Julie" (Barry Manilow)
"Old Songs" (Barry Manilow)
"Paradise Cafe" (Barry Manilow)
"Please Don't Be Scared" (Barry Manilow)
"Ready To Take a Chance Again" (Barry Manilow)
"Ships" (Barry Manilow)
"Some Good Things Never Last" (Barry Manilow)
"Some Kind of Friend" (Barry Manilow)
"Somewhere Down The Road" (Barry Manilow)
"Somewhere In The Night" (Barry Manilow)
"Stay" (Barry Manilow)
"Summer Wind" (Frank Sinatra / Michael Buble / Barry Manilow)
"The Old Songs" (Barry Manilow)
"The One That Got Away" (Barry Manilow)
"This Can't Be Real" (Barry Manilow & Olivia Newton John)
"This One's For You" (Barry Manilow)
"Trying to Get the Feeling" (Barry Manilow)
"Weekend In New England" (Barry Manilow)
"When I Wanted You" (Barry Manilow)
"You're Looking Hot Tonight" (Barry Manilow)